Our Ethos

Central to Rupert’s appeal is its family-oriented hospitality: the desire to welcome guests with warmth and generosity into the venue, as if it is our very own loungeroom. Staff are employed on the basis of personality first and foremost – a big smile, an open heart and an eagerness to join a tribe of like-minded souls that sincerely love what they do.


Head Chef Darren Daley and his passionate team take advantage of a well-travelled skill set to showcase a Mediterranean share style menu that is both comforting and exciting. Honed by his experience on the front line, managing busy kitchens in London, Chef brings a no-nonsense and honest professionalism to his role at Rupert. His food speaks for itself: unpretentious, authentic and most importantly delicious.


Rupert’s beverage offering is inspired by a love of imbibing socially with good friends over great food. With a focus on local and family-owned beer and wine, and a back-bar that has been hand-picked from our favourite places all around the world, the Rupert bar is a seductive destination for weary travellers and aficionados alike. Stretch the boundaries of the palate with a signature cocktail from our vibrant and eclectic list, refreshed regularly by our enthusiastic bar team, or keep it traditional with a glass of red by the wood-fire. There are many ways to soften the roughest of edges at Rupert on Rupert. The wine helps. The thoughtful service helps too. The food brings it home.